UConn Health recognizes that emergency care for our patients begins in the homes, streets, and businesses of our communities. Police and fire department first responders, EMTs and paramedics are there to start the care to the sick and injured that will be continued in the hospital. We are here to provide medical oversight, quality assurance, education and training to prehospital services and providers who are the first vital link in the continuum of care.

Medical Oversight

Our emergency medical services program provides quality assurance and patient care feedback to all services who bring patients to our hospital. We also provide direct medical oversight to the UConn Fire Department Paramedics, Farmington Fire and Police Department, Avon Police and Fire Departments, Canton Ambulance and Police Departments, as well as paramedics at Bradley International Airport and East Windsor Ambulance.

Continuing Education

UConn hosts monthly CMEs and quarterly CMEs in the evening.

All UConn Continuing Education sessions are open to EMS responders of all levels, as well as the general public.


UConn hosts annual regional skill sessions, as well as offering periodic classes in topics such as 12-lead interpretation and airway management.


Our monthly EMS newsletter Partners highlights EMS best practices and provides up-to-date information about EMS activities at the Health Center.